American Ideology 101

In Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, ideology is defined as a theory, or a set of beliefs or principles in which a political system, party or organization is based.
For years, Republicanism has remained as the most dominant ideology of Americans. So, Business Administration Description looking at the definition given above, what exactly are these beliefs or principles?
Let’s talk about civic duty. This means that the citizens of the United States of America have a responsibility to understand the government. I think this is both a responsibility and a right. People are expected to know about what the government is all about. Therefore, they have the right to know everything that goes on. As we often see in movies, the President of the United States would always say, “The people have the right to know”.
It is also our duty to support the government. We could do this by voting for the candidates that we see fit for the positions. We are leaving the welfare of our country and our people in the hands of these individuals. Therefore, it is very important to vote wisely. Furthermore, part of the civic duty that we are to pay taxes and perform military service. Everyone, politicians and common people alike should also uphold the civic duty.
Democracy is also part of this ideology. A source gave a very nice description. In democracy, the government answers to the citizens. We were the ones who put them there in their current positions. We can also change them. We just have to wait until the elections. So, aren’t we supposed to be the more powerful ones?
Now let’s go to opposition Business India Magazine to Political corruption.
They were elected because they made us think that we can trust them. They made us feel like our country will become better once they are in that position. Do we see changes? Do we see improvements? Are they really helping the country? Or are they busy helping themselves?
Are all politicians concerned about the welfare of the people? Did they run for office because want to make a positive change in the lives of the citizens? If a common person approaches a politician with a concern or a problem, will he be taken seriously?
I’m not saying that this is true for everyone. I’m sure there are still kind-hearted and honest people or politicians out there. I hope.
Another interesting tenet is the equality before the law. The law should not give special treatments or privileges to any citizen. This includes millionaires, movie stars, pop icons and government officials. Everyone should be subjected to the law.
Seriously, is this being implemented? We often see court trials being dismissed or criminals set free because of either money or power. Sometimes, even because of popularity.
When common people commit offenses, they either get extradited, maltreated or brutally hurt sometimes. How about the rich and the famous? How are they treated?
The ideology was created to guide the citizens of the United States toward a better and more productive nation. But if the people are not taking these principles seriously, what will happen to our nation in the future?

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