A Third Party SoZo Life Review – Is There Anything New Here?

Since you have found your way here, I’m going to assume you are researching the SoZo Life business. Good for you. Too many people jump into something because it sounds good and never check out what they are actually getting into. This third party SoZo Life review is objective, which means I am not a part of the SoZo Life business. So you can be sure I’m not trying pitch you on joining my opportunity.
You should always make sure the company itself is solid before going any farther. If the company is on the rocks, you don’t want to go down with it. The company is fairly new, having started in 2010 in Henderson, Nevada. The management team looks good. Mark Adams is President and CEO. He has started seven companies before this one. J. Larry Cantrell is the Chairman. He has 23 years of successful Network Marketing experience, and has served on governmental and ethics boards for the Direct Selling Association. Michael Boyd is the VP of Sales, and Jim Landrum is the VP of Operations. There is a bunch of experience on this team, and it is as good a group as you’ll find.
The next thing to look at is the company’s products. What do they have? They offer a line of three products based on the Coffeeberry, which is a trademarked name and product. Apparently Success Magazine Subscription Discount it is a part of the coffee plant that is not normally used. It is loaded with all sorts of healthy compounds, and they have based their product line on it. Here are the products:
1. SoZo Functional Beverage. Like all of the products it is 100% natural and one serving contains the anti-oxidant power of 21 servings of fruits & vegetables.
2. SoZo Ignite Drink. This is their energy drink
3. SoZo Select Coffee. The big difference in this coffee is the anti-oxidant and health benefits of the SoZo Life Coffeeberry, which is not found anywhere else.
There looks to be good science behind the products, so as a potential new SoZo Life distributor, you will know the products are very good.
How do you get started in the Business News Fox? Purchase an initial order and set up and maintain an autoship order and you are a SoZo Life distributor. This looks to be a little easier than some other MLM companies. The comp plan is binary, which is very common in this industry. It is a good type of comp plan, but you need to be sure you understand how you get paid and what you have to do. This is true of any compensation plan you may be looking at. One advantage of this one is that you can earn additional business centers. This is important with binary plans. A SoZo Life rep should be able to explain this to you. There are something like 9 ways to get paid under this plan. There are all the usual bonuses and a few extras. Their compensation plan certainly looks like one that would allow you to make a lot of money.
SoZo Life is a credible and solid company, even though they are less than 2 years old. All the company factors are in place to make it a very good opportunity. This SoZo Life review is designed to show what the company has and what it doesn’t have.

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