A Recipe For Acceptance

Our elected officials have lost the confidence of a public that no longer believes they have a say or control in the happenings of the Washington political society. This lack of confidence trickles down to every level of government. Where is the control? I believe our elected officials care little about the man on the street, rather cater to big business and lobby activities that influence their decisions, and in particular their vote. Wasn’t their vote supposed to be reflective of the will of the majority? When did it become a recipe for acceptance?
Scrutinizing political figures is the media norm. Under this guise of scrutiny, I agree we need to know when criminal activity is uncovered, when behavior becomes an embarrassment, or when their ability to represent their constituents is compromised either through medical or physical handicap. Their voting record, attendance, participation on committees, and work obligations, we, their constitutes elected them perform should be scrutinized to hold elected officials accountable and reestablish trust and confidence.
Scrutinizing their private life, their past private life, or activities in which they participate, that have nothing to do with their representation or decision making is, in my opinion, invasion of privacy. When the media reports on activities from their private life, it is normally a reflection of a media that has no other news to report. Therefore, it becomes a lets dig up some dirt day. Isn’t Business Management Starting Salary it amazing, politicians can spend years in office fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, serve without scandal, and enjoy the fruits of their office as pillars of society? Yet, run for President and all of a sudden the graveyard opens and skeletons empty their graves to point fingers at the wrongful acts of this once outstanding citizen. When did this become a recipe for acceptance?
Interesting to me, the degree of finger pointing and digging in the dirt by the media, is directly proportional to their party preference or the popularity of the candidate. The effect of smear campaigns and tuning personal lives upside down, is the noticeable reduction in truly qualified applicants with exemplary skills to steer this country toward a prosperous future. We all make mistakes in life and in particular in our youth. Nobody wants their past dragged though society for the pleasure of being elected President of the United States. This is especially true with the loss of respect and trust now flagrantly demonstrated toward the president daily in the opinion pages of every newspaper, in talk shows, and the news media in general. When did this become a recipe for acceptance?
Politicians are human. They are placed under the microscope every time they appear in public. We are all guilty of taking God’s name in vain, of public profanity, of uttering occasional racial slurs, or saying things simply offensive to some yet, accepted by others. Why should politicians be any different? If I offend someone, I simply apologize and learn from my mistake. The news media does not print my mistake because; I am not under their microscope. Politicians are expected to develop higher standards than everyone else. They are placed on a pedestal for all to see. They have the same insecurities, weaknesses, aspirations, desires, and commitments we all share. What happened when they became politicians? Did all these traits simply disappear? Are they now revered to be without fault? When did this become a recipe for acceptance?
Our politicians are over scrutinized. Our expectations are too high. We need to encourage the best qualified members of society to fill our political offices. Scrutinize their political lives, leave their personal lives alone. If you do not believe, look Business Partnership Agreement at the pool we have had to select from in the last 20 years? 300 million and soon, once again, we will be getting ready to look at the best this country has to offer. When will we again really have the best? When did this become a recipe for acceptance?

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