A Monavie Review – Don’t Join Until You Read This!

Is Monavie a scam? What is Monavie Juice? Is it possible to be a successful Monavie distributor? These are some of the questions we have been asked regarding this company. So we decided to do A Monavie review to answer these questions.
The Company
Monavie Scam? Well let’s talk about the company. It is a network marketing company that was started in January 2005. Monavie juice is sold in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Israel, and Mexico.
Monavie distributors have 9 ways that they can make money. 1. Direct Sales 2. Top Retailers Bonus 3. Bulk Order Bonus 4. First Order Bonus 5. Star Maker Bonus 6. Team Bonuses 7. Executive Check Match Bonus 9. Multiple Business Centers. Monavie scam? This company doesn’t qualify as a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company that has helped some people become financially free.
The Juice
Monavie Juice is all made with Brazilian Acai berry. There are currently 5 juices that the distributors sell. They all serve different purposes. Active is one of the companies juices, This drink contains glucosamine to help improve joint mobility. Pulse is another drink, it supports cardiovascular health and is good for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. E is an energy drink that is suppose to give your mind and body a boost of energy. There is also a Kosher juice which delivers antioxidants and nutrients to your body, this juice is suppose to support your bodies overall health. The last juice is (M)mun which is said to promote proper immune function.
Success as a Monavie Entrepreneur Tips And Strategies Distributor
There are 2 things you must know and do if you want to be a successful Monavie distributor.
1. It is critical that you know how to market. Monavie will not teach you how to professionally market your How To Be Successful In Business Pdf. They will tell you to contact your warm market and this does work, but it will also get you a lot of rejection and take you a longer time to build your business. Does it really still make sense to use techniques from the 1960’s in this day and age of the internet? A billion people surf the internet daily, a lot of them are looking for opportunities. The top earners in network marketing are utilizing the internet to build their businesses with lightning speed. To be successful you must learn the most effective up to date strategies to market your business on the internet.
2. The next thing that you Must learn is how to BRAND YOURSELF. You must know how to be a leader and give out a lot of value. People join people not business opportunities. People will only do business with people they know like and trust. So it is very important that you BRAND YOURSELF and not just Monavie. If people see you as someone who can solve their problems they will be more likely to join you as a Monavie distributor or in whatever company you decide to be a part of. One of our friends is a Top Earner in Monavie because she knows and understands the importance of BRANDING herself an knowing how to market.

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