A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

If it looks like helping people is going to become a way of life for you, there are many ways to go about it. But nursing is one of the most steady and secure fields you can go into, while still having life changing experiences every day. There are a variety of routes you Top 10 Business Websites can choose to become a registered nurse, but a bachelor’s degree in nursing is becoming increasingly popular. Not only to nurses with their BSN generally get paid better than those with an associate’s degree, they are recruited more and often score the better positions.
Once you have decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree, now comes the arduous task of getting all your prerequisites and forms in order. If you are straight out of high school, it is helpful to have a high GPA and have leadership or volunteer experience. Schools appreciate students who have already been trying to help others in their own way or with limited resources. Attendance is also a factor that is increasingly scrutinized. If you chose not to show up frequently in high school, what are the chances that you’ll do the same in nursing school?
For Licensed Nurse Practitioners or adults looking for a career change, the requirements to get into a bachelor’s program are a bit different. Once you have entered the real world and shown you can survive as a competent member of society, universities considering your application are less interested in grades from 5 or more years ago and instead want to hear about your experience and communication skills. Have you been working directly with patients? Have you ever done any work or volunteering in a clinical setting? Why are you looking to change careers and what helpful skills will you be bringing with you? Tell them who you are and what will make you a great nursing student, and eventually, a great nurse.
After a school has accepted your application, the hard work begins. Completing a bachelor’s degree generally takes around 4 years, part of this time spent on liberal arts courses such as English or statistics, and the remainder will be intense science coursework like microbiology and chemistry. Many programs today also include hands-on sections, where you get real experience in the healthcare Successful Businesses Examples world and get to interact with patients under teacher supervision. Getting a degree is no small feat. Expect to be overwhelmed, studying hard and trying to cram what seems like too much information into your head at one time. And show up, every day, because working through your fatigue and other life issues in school will be one of the biggest preparations for life as a nurse.
Many hospitals prefer to hire nurses who already have their BSN, and are starting to hire people without them, but set a timeline for when they expect a bachelor’s degree to be completed. Last year, New York was considering passing a bill making it impossible to work within the state without a BSN. With all these pushes toward higher education, it seems like the smart choice to go ahead and pursue a bachelor’s. And having better job options and receiving higher pay are only two of the perks to completing your BSN.

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