5 Important Aspects of Online Event Software

When hosting a business networking event, it is important that you keep an accurate record of several things. You should know exactly who will be attending and have a way to openly and directly communicate with your RSVPs.
In the past, this was a lot of work but thanks to our modern technological age, software saves the day. There’s a lot of online software to choose from but when you start with the end in mind and already know what is necessary, you will make the right choice. Since we are using a business networking event for this example, many of your software needs should be apparent.
For example, you know that this is an event designed to capture attendees information so that you can follow up and promote to them at a later time. Also, you want to be able What Does Sba Stand For In Banking to brand your company on all of the promotional correspondence. With that in mind, consider these 5 important features to look for in online event planning software;
1. Should Print out All Sign Ups
People who plan on attending your event should be able to sign up online and once that happens, you should have the option of printing all of the sign ups to bring with you to the event. This will eliminate any confusion as to who has signed up and who has not. This is especially important if you are allowing people to pay at the door.
2. Should E-Mail All Attendees
When people sign up for your event, your branding should be all over the sign-up page. Furthermore, the software that you use should allow you to e-mail all of your RSVPs/sign-ups directly from the software with your branding and event information predominately exposed.
3. Should Accept Several Forms of Payment
It is very important that people are able to use multiple forms of payment, especially if your event will charge admission. PayPal Franchise World Magazine is a very popular form of online payment but if individuals only have credit cards, it should accept all major brands.
4. Should Print Name Tags
Business networking events typically include attendees wearing name tags displaying their name and company. You can always purchase sticky name tags and fill them out manually as people arrive but it is a lot easier to print out name tags for people that have signed up and hand them out as they arrive.
5. Should Allow the Creation of Fancy HTML E-Mails
This is last but certainly not least. Your software should allow you to create fancy HTML e-mail with all of your event information. If you hire a graphic designer to make them, your software should accept the code and send your invitations or any other messages to your new list of attendees. You can always send text e-mails but where is the branding?

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