4Life Research Home Business Review And What It Is

4Life Research offers products that have unique benefits and exceptional nutritional value. Not just products; the company also offers an opportunity to earn income by becoming a distributor. There’s good potential for growth for active sellers and recruiters with nice perks for top achievers.
Let’s have a quick glance at the product Best Business Ideas In India and the income opportunity.
Product –
Everyone knows how beneficial breast milk is to infants. It provides nourishment as well as the much needed immunity to shield the body against external forces. 4Life products are based on this principle and they act to boost immunity levels in the body through the “transfer factor”. Through this, immunity is transferred from the body of a healthy individual just as it’s bestowed to infants from their mother.
Supporting Factors –
This drink when consumed on a regular basis is said to give immunity that lasts throughout your life but that might be more of a marketing pitch than solid science. The company offers more than 75 products with separate lines for pets and special focus on elder care. Get ready to crack open your books as learning all of these products will take some time if you plan to sell or are selling 4Life.
4Life Research also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. As a distributor, you get to earn a significant income if you’re able to market and sell the products well and recruit people. Top achievers get rewarded with interesting commission and incentives such as free trips abroad. The basic training principle is based on telling everyone you know about 4Life and encouraging them to either try the product or join the business selling the product.
Looks like 4Life has the holy grail of products but does it really deliver? Are people purchasing this product consistently over time? Well, that really depends on who is selling it which brings us to the marketing side of 4Life Research.
The Challenge –
a. You’ll have to generate a minimum volume of sales every month to qualify for income and incentives.
b. It may be difficult to market the product because it’s not yet approved by FDA.
c. Benefits of this product are measurable only in the long term and not seen immediately.
Conclusion Usd Currency News
As a product, 4Life Research holds promise; it’s impressive and seems beneficial. The 4Life income opportunity seems attractive but there seems to be something missing.
You need to do lot more than just contact people you know and market the product to them. Old marketing techniques taught by networking companies such as cold calling people or calling them for a meeting don’t work as well anymore with the Internet as an easy resource for information. You need to be more proactive to market this product to its fullest potential and win orders. You may be trained by the 4Life company to market its products, but remember; you need to stand out to beat the competition and earn your way to the diamond membership.

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