3D Innovation Or a Cry For Help

3D is marketed as the greatest thing since the wheel. It is a superior viewing experience that will dwarf all others. This viewing medium will draw the viewer into the motion picture like never before. But make no mistake; this is a last desperate act by an industry that has been on the ropes for some time now. To find just about any movie How To Run A Small Business Successfully you desire to watch, all you have to do is type the name of the movie that you want to see onto Google search and then click the videos icon at the top of the page. Then click the 20+ minute’s icon to the left of the search results. Chances are that you’re going to find a copy of what you want to see on the first page, for free.
The film industry is well aware of this and has been heavily lobbying to strengthen the piracy laws. But after years of banging their collective heads into a wall, they have decided to approach this from another angle. Enter the 3D experience. 3D may prove to be as vital to the main stream and adult markets survival as body armor is to police officers. This is an arms race and the stakes are two big setbacks to watching pirated mainstream movies or porn on the web is the picture quality and viruses. For many of the older demographic that partake in the online experience, neither is worth the trouble. The younger generation is another issue. They have grown up in a culture of free down loads and tube sites. Many truly believe it is their God given right to download anything, at anytime for free.
The industry understands that they will not be able to stop anyone from trying to get something for free. So the big brains got together and dusted off an old technology like they did with inline skates. (Yes those were around in the 1930s) But who wants to wear cardboard glasses and risk motion sickness after 45 minutes? So 3D was given a face lift. Complete with higher resolution and new glasses that run about $120 each. Plus you can’t watch this on any old TV or computer screen. You need a new screen and these screens are expensive. Like all new wiz bang gadgets that promise the moon, it is going to cost you. In addition to these pitfalls, many of the tube site have upload limits, 500 megabits on average. A 3D movie can be 27 gigabytes.
The powers that be are banking that if you are willing to shell out big bucks for a new 3D system, then you are more likely to pay for the pleasure of viewing something they spent a lot of money to create. They are not marketing to the crowd that is searching for free movies. You know, the people that used to watch scrambled porn on cable, (You know who you are.) They are marketing to the people who are willing to pay for a better experience. But keep in mind that this is a multibillion dollar gamble. Not everyone likes 3D. This is Stock Market proving to be true for a lot of women. Remember that both men and women have eyes but their synaptic responses are wired differently. Why do you think that men generally enjoy science fiction more and women are 5 times more likely to develop a gambling problem? Both involve a lots of visual stimulation via flashing lights and lots of sound effects. Yet the customer base is so very different. Also, as we age our eyes age as well. Our perception of color, light and the rate our minds can process information is greatly diminishes.
With the re-advent of 3D the demise of the DVD, and Blu-ray markets have been given a reprieve. The prediction that your computer and your TV will become one has a major flaw in it. 3D takes up a lot of bandwidth. An hour’s worth of footage runs about 500 megabytes right now. That bandwidth gets charged to the webmaster who intern charges his members a monthly fee to watch his movies. This is also why you are starting to see download limits on many of the adult sites. It is an attempt to keep cost under control while allowing the customer to still watch the movies at a fairly reasonable price. Many adult sites now charge up to $40 per month. That figure would go up approximately 20 times that if 3D were introduced. Would you really want to pay $800 a month?
Do I think that 3D is the end all be all? No, but I do think that it is a valiant attempt to thwart the efforts of those who run the risk of becoming a victim of their own success. Remember, that if no one pays there will be no incentive to create anything new. Then we will all pay.

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