3 Top Places That Should Be On Every Nature Lovers List

Have you ever seen thousands of animals crossing a river at the same time, or traveled so far from civilization that it made you forget all of the things that normally fill your thoughts? The best places to experience nature are those that have natural wonders not found elsewhere and are not overrun by tourists. These three top the list of any nature lover for must-visit locations.
Maasai Business Administration Real Estate Salary Mara
A safari across the African savannah ranks as one of the top outdoor experiences on the planet, and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya offers an excellent place to take one. Here you can witness the famous wildebeest migration in the spring and early summer. The experience of seeing over a million wildebeest make the 1,800-mile journey across the Mara River will stay with you for a lifetime. Also, the savannah is home to over 470 species of birds as well as being home to herds of giraffes, antelope and zebras as well as Africa’s "big five".
Galapagos Islands
It has always been simply awe-inspiring. Ever since Charles Darwin landed on the Galapagos Islands and his study of the native wildlife led him to form his theory of natural selection, anyone who loves both nature and science has to make the trek to these islands to see the unique animals in this region. Today, the islands are the second-largest marine wildlife reserve in the world and have been a World Business Administration Description Heritage site since 1978. Here you can see the famous giant tortoises and marine iguanas in their natural habitats. Other creatures found on the Galapagos Islands include the blue-footed booby, Galapagos sea lions, and Galapagos penguins. To truly experience the biodiversity of the islands, you’ll want to spend time diving and snorkeling so you can get close to the underwater wildlife as well.
Amazon Rainforest
No place on earth offers the same thrilling outdoor experiences as Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is home to hundreds of species of animals you can’t find anywhere else in the world and is known as the world’s most ecologically diverse area in the world. From colorful scarlet macaws to hundreds of species of primates, you will be surrounded by animal life during your visit. By traveling deep into the jungle, you’ll be as far from civilization as you can possibly get, allowing you to truly connect with nature and all of the beauty surrounding you.
In each of these locations, you will have the opportunity to observe animals and plants you cannot find elsewhere. This, combined with the intrinsic beauty and preserved status of these areas, make them ideal for the traveler looking to truly experience nature in outdoor experiences.

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