15 Ways Twitter Can Help Your Business

Entrepreneurship is the new language, more people are motivated to have a setup of their own and these Teaching Business Ideas guys are taking up the new Twitter for their business and the effect of it is giving hype to it. Though, many people doesn’t think any good or high about Twitter, rather go ahead to state it as a time-waster.
But to find out whether any marketing strategy is applicable or not, analysis of objectives will be the best option.
Here are some really good ways to use Twitter for your business:
1. One prime objective that Twitter can achieve for one’s business is the number of connections and spool of network in the industry you can connect to.
2. It keeps one updated about anything new, unique or ironic about the market, organization products etc.
3. It’s a renowned fact that two minds can think well than only one and Twitter helps in bringing out a pool of brilliant ideas, links to new and reliable resources, and may be a tip in the focused area of particular industry.
4. One thing that put all the marketers in dilemma is what customer wants from them, the expectation and monitoring, etc, the answer is Twitter.
5. Marketing Communication is again a milestone that every company wants to achieve, a transparency between the management of the company and target customers can also be achieved through Twitter.
6. Twitter gives the platform to reach Current Economic out to the customer base via blogs.
7. Most of the time, the company’s top management or marketing team keeps on thinking about various strategies just to find out the correct and right market segment(s), which is ironically ever changing. Twitter here offers to provide the solution for the goods and services to be in approach of the target audience, at least lighten the path directing towards web site of the company.
8. This technology is the new wave of air and with a platform like Twitter, it only gets bigger. Twitter offers different facilities, viz. uploading photos, tagging them to another link, polling system (which may be used as a feedback tool), alerts for meetings, and update on openings available or to offer in the company,
9. Even courier of FEDEX, DHL and UPS can easily be tracked down here.
10. Using strawpoll you can create mini polls to get feedbacks into your twitter stream.
11. Using “timer” you can use twitter to alert you when you have a meeting.
12. Using “tweetajob” you can get and fill job openings.
13. Can use to promote your products and services directly to a target audience.
14. It’s a great way to find new vendors, partners and tech help for your organization, quickly.
15. You can find great ideas, contents, useful links, resources, and genuine tips clearly focused on your area of business, expertise or interest.
Twitter is a complete package solution at one base.

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