Cash in on Your Passions – Use Your Skills Or Hobbies to Start a Business

Why Now is the Time: There has never been a better time in history than now to cash in on your passions. With major corporations downsizing, restructuring or collapsing and an uncertain economy, we are seeing more frustrated employees suffering stress from the uncertainty of what used to be considered ‘secure’ jobs. Even the government’s efforts to rev up job creation isn’t going very well.
Creative Home Business Ideas
Many of you, like myself have hobbies, interests, skills and experiences that you have always wondered if you could turn into a successful career. Some have work experiences, like raising your children for example, that you haven’t even considered as a viable skill to launching a business of your own. Here’s where a little soul searching will go a long way.
Do you have a product you make as a hobby that you think would sell like gangbusters to the right audience? Remember the story of the Schmelzer’s who created the decorative attachments for the holes in Crocs sandles called Jibbitz in 2005. The whole family, including the kids, put these together in their basement. By the end of 2006, Crocs bought the company for $20 million.
Let’s suppose you developed a recipe for dog treats when you discovered your pet had diabetes. There are many specialty pet food shops around the country you could sell to or set up your own website and offer your product exclusively online. With some help from the kids, you package the treats in a cool wrapper that they help you design and send out shipments daily or weekly. Get the idea?
Maybe you aren’t into crafts or hobbies but you have worked for many years as a data entry clerk or secretary. What have these work skills given you that you could expand on to create your own business? There are a number of companies that outsource some of their clerical work giving you the opportunity to be a virtual assistant. With a little marketing (business card, flyers, rate sheet), you could find yourself as a highly sought after professional. I personally know of many realtors and independent insurance agents that use virtual assistants. It’s less expensive for them than hiring an employee thus keeping their overhead low. Everything is done via email/online or you could arrange a pickup/delivery service in your local area.
If you are a stay at home mom, you could be home with a baby or your kids have entered school or your kids are grown, but you’ve never had an outside job. What are your skills besides time management, budgeting, purchasing, billing, and accounts payable? How about cooking, housekeeping, and the myriad of other duties that have fallen to you since you are ‘at home’ anyway. Because you are skilled at so many things the possibilities are endless but I would like to suggest that you concentrate on something for which you are especially skillful. Maybe you are an excellent planner and organizer, from trips to fundraisers. Then you have the makings of a successful event planning Youtube Channel 4, travel writer or advocate for a non profit.
Do you sew, love to garden, have a child with disabilities, a bent toward animal advocacy? There is no end to the possibilities for freelancing ideas. Just do some creative brainstorming and you may surprise yourself with a new career.
The thoughts of starting your own How To Create A Business Plan For A Loan used to be a scary venture. Now you can follow your passions with little or no money down and much less risk than ever before. Many people have taken the step out of their comfort zone; either by choice or by forced job loss. I for one am proof that it can be the best thing that ever happened to you and the most profitable in the long run. Being successful is all about your commitment to work hard, believe in your ability to succeed and your desire for independence.

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